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The Strikezone

826 S, Pickett St

Walk in Guest
Individuals can practice as walk-ins for a guest fee of $20 per hour or $15 per half hour with no reservation or memebership required. This time period is calculated from the time one signs in at the front desk (there is no practical method to calculate your precise time inside the actual cage). You pay for time in the facility and can use any cage not rented/used for lessons. This is how most non-members access the facility. Note: You do not get a cage all to yourself.

Members are subject to the same rules as walk-in guests, but they can come in for an unlimited number of days, are not limited in time and do not pay each time they use the facility. See the Membership page for more details. If you are a frequent user a membership will save you money over paying a guest fee each time. Also, since your time per visit is not limited, cage traffic on a given day is not as much of a concern when you have to take turns.

Any cage can be rented by the hour for exclusive use - this is usually done by teams or groups or those wishing to hit softballs. It is always best to reserve cages in advance to ensure availability. All rentals must be paid for up front. When you rent a cage you get it all to yourself.

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